Grief and Loss Counseling is the Key to Healing

Shane Hedges, managing director at Millennium, LLC, advises clients on strategic growth and operation endeavors in a variety of sectors. In addition to the effort he puts into his work, Shane Hedges also puts effort into supporting several local charities and organizations, including serving on the Board of Directors of the Wendt Center for Healing and Loss.

The Wendt Center is a preeminent organization helping people to heal from grief, loss and trauma. Founded by Reverend William Wendt, the Center ensures that no one ever has to grieve alone. It’s services include grief counseling, camps for children who have suffered loss or trauma, military veterans counseling, counseling victims of abuse and an award winning morgue program to counsel families who have had to identify a loved one.

Mr. Hedges has been actively involved in helping the Center develop a long term strategic plan to grow it’s impact and influence on these vitally important issues. With a solid foundation and nearly 40 years of serving the people of the nation’s capital, the Center aims to broaden it’s services in the years to come.

Mr. Hedges is a seasoned an experienced strategist, helping to write winning campaign plans, developing corporate growth strategies and launching new products and services to meet the needs of consumers.


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